Persuasive Essay On Pay To Play

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Schools Paying to Play Multiple establishments are facing financial difficulties in today’s economy. Schools have been cutting money from particular funds, like athletic programs and extracurricular activities. Many districts have switched to pay-to-play for these expenses. Pay-to-play is when one has to pay an amount of money in order to participate in certain functions. Schools should support athletics, and not require pay-to-play. The pay-to-play requirement is harsh because families with multiple children can be put into a financial burden, less students will be able to play for a team, sports equipment already cost enough, and teams can do fundraising and sponsorships to cover the cost. Most of the families in a school district have more than one adolescent. When a school depends on the pay to play system, families with many children could be put in a financial burden. Having to worry about house bills and food to feed the whole family is already a lot of money. Expensing the extra cash for sports programs may push their limits. Children are likely to at least try a sport or two throughout their school career, however, paying to play a sport every season can become costly. Parents would have to start telling their children they have to pick one sport or the other, and even tell them they cannot play at all. Financial burden leads to more problems. Holding a child from playing a sport due to money issues, the number of members of a sports team decreases.
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