Peer-Based Learning Experience

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Almost everyone I have met has left me a little something precious. From my mom who taught me to always see a light in the dark, to my late boss who taught me to never say “I can’t”. These people knew me, gave their best to influence me and I am ever grateful to them but there is someone else. Someone who taught me that race, age, and gender are no barriers to success. Who reinforces my belief in daring to standout. Chimamanda Adichie, though our paths may never cross, taught me to be truly African, to be me.

Having introduced a peer based learning group in my final year in high school, I know that this form of learning IS the best. Peer based learning has the ability to engage students deeply, giving them a deeper understanding and better
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I did think of changing schools till it hit me; this was a chance to REALLY excel, to compete for once. It got me questioning myself about the real meaning of excellence and I found it, yes the formula for excellence give - gain - excel. The more you give, the more you want to have to give. You develop yourself to develop others.

Online education is a good match for me because I am self driven, have a hunger for knowledge and challenges and I am at home with computers. Time freedom and flexibility are of utmost importance to me and online education provides all these and more. Online education is more intellectually and academically challenging than traditional classroom education in that it requires lots of personal research (Something I quite enjoy), effective communication and organizational skills. It also requires time management skills and self-discipline, qualities I dare say I possess. Plus I get to keep my
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1. Head Girl – CAC High School, Jos (2008).
2. Best result – WAEC, G.H.S. Agulu (2008/2009).
3. Class prefect in almost every class.
4. Best student (academics, social) almost every year.
5. Best student (overall) almost every year.
6. Best student (English Language) every year.
7. Best student (Mathematics) every year save 5th year in high school.
8. Won Indomie Instant Noodles Junior Secondary Essay Writing Competition Commonwealth Comprehensive College while still in JSS 1 (1st year).
9. Gained entrance into secondary school while still in Primary Four (Primary Six is the final year).
10. Introduced literary and debating society in high school.
11. Introduced Peer learning group in final year high school which led to a better performance of those who joined.
12. Learnt the much I know about computers on my own and still learning.
13. Received a 100% salary increase, a further 20% increase and a double promotion in the same year in A. B. Chami & Co. Ltd. for outstanding achievements and at age 17.

I really want to commend this initiative, University of the People is giving hope to many who want a further education but are held back by financial
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