Persuasive Essay On Perseverance

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Perseverance Is it possible to persevere even if life throwed in the toughest problems? The quote, “when life gives you lemonade, make lemonade” is easy to say, but when one goes through things that put their life on the line, it’s difficult to not give up. Yet, many people still stand on their ground no matter what. The articles, “Life Without Limits,” “The Lost Boys,” and “Wheels of Progress” wrote many scenarios that display perseverance in different ways. These people showed perseverance because they were different from others, had to survive or face the discrimination in their country. The first text that demonstrates perseverance is, “Life Without Limits.” An example of someone persevering is Nick Vujicic who was born without both arms or legs, “...he was what the world would consider imperfect and abnormal.” The quote showed perseverance because from his first breath Nick has to start his “impossible” life. After getting a broken leg or arm it’s difficult to do daily task that involve using limbs, but he has to live his whole life trying to adjust to the disadvantage he has which can be emotionally and physically painful. Another example that showed Nick’s perseverance is when he’s, “...encouraging others by sharing his story through motivational speaking.” Without limbs it would be troublesome to encourage others, but Nick learned how to clean his teeth, brush his hair, type on the computer, swim, and play sports. It shows perseverance because even though he
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