Persuasive Essay On Pet Surgery

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Four years ago, my grandmother had to make one of the hardest decisions for her 10-year-old pug, Lady. Lady was a huge part of my childhood, because she was one of the first pets I had as a child. One day we started to notice a little lump on her stomach, we didn’t think too much about it , into about a month later when the lump grew drastically larger , we rushed her to the closest veterinarian hospital and found out that she was in the early stages of cancer , but the tumor was growing at a rapid paste, which meant that lady was going to have to get the tumor removed and treated in the very near future. The doctors explained to my grandmother that the price to get the tumor physically removed would be about $1,500, $3,000
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Most veterinary hospitals want to get more profit for their practice, they are also very competitive with each other.

When you are getting your dog 's annual check up , some doctors will try and push for you to have additional service done on your dog , like , grooming ($55 - $135) , dental cleaning ($85 - $110 ) which a dog would have to go under general anesthesia ($250) , and some doctors even try to give unnecessary vaccinations(.) In 2010 Dr. Andrew Jones quit his veterinary practices of 17 years due to the underlining lies and manipulation that his coworkers and himself indulged in . Jones explained that throughout his career , he felt pressure from bosses to make patients situations seem bigger than they really where , ordering services that were not needed " For instance , seeing a dog that has a little bit of tartar... than I might say , 'I think your dog should have a dental cleaning '…. It 's obviously more profitable for the practice." and even telling dog owners that it is a possibility that their dog could have cancer , knowing that it wasn’t true, and taking advantage of the owners vulnerability , forcing them to come back for additional check

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