Persuasive Essay On Pet Therapy

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Animal lovers all over the world can attest to how good it feels to interact with their pets. People of all ages, shapes, religions, and disabilities confirm to the stress relieving and mood boosting benefits of having a pet. According to The Human Animal Bond Research Initiative (HABRI) Foundation, there is substantial evidence backing the research that the feeling one encompasses when interacting with a pet can be established in a therapeutic method called animal therapy. Utilizing pets as a form of therapy is advancing as a successful coping method of treating a variety of medical conditions and disabilities. Pets are finally putting to use their years of stimulating socialization and bonding skills in an effective therapeutic manner. Pet therapy or more technically referred to as animal-assisted therapy, is a supervised interaction between an individual and a trained animal. According to a research article titled…show more content…
Interacting with a pet can alleviate physical symptoms such as high blood pressure and pain management or mental benefits such as stress reduction and easing the mind. Pet therapy is deigned to the specific individuals needs and goals to exude the greatest benefits from the treatment plan. According to UCLA Health Animal-Assisted Research findings, some physical and mental goals of a pet therapy program can include; improving assisted/independent movement, increasing self-esteem, expanding verbal communication, developing social skills/interactions, and motivating the individual to exercise and join in activity groups. The benefits of accomplishing the goals listed above include, a more positive viewpoint on life, lessening depression, eliminating loneliness by providing animal companionship, decreasing anxiety, improving relationships around the person, and teaching individuals to become more empathetic and
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