Persuasive Essay On Phone Advertising

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Simple, Sleek, and Slender
You wake up to your phone 's alarm. As you get ready for the day, you listen to music or sneak in an episode of Netflix on your phone. You plug in your phone to your aux cord as you drive to school. Your emails for school are right on your phone with apps for everything you can imagine. After school, your workout is ready to go on your phone. Later, you cook your family supper with a recipe you have saved on your phone. This suggests that today’s world revolves around a person 's cell phone. Companies recognize this and make viewers feel that their phone will enhance the user 's life even more. On Apple 's iPhone 6s advertisement, the company makes the user feel that with this phone, life becomes simpler. Samsung plays along that same idea with the Galaxy S7 Edge ad. The ad makes the viewers feel that the phone thinks for them. For the Galaxy S5 ad, Samsung convinces users that life can be completed using their phone. Your life becomes easier the second the screen lights up. All three phone advertisements make the
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To continue with the idea that phone ads portray their product to be used by the upper class, the ads uses colors to make their phone look professional. The iPhone advertisement consists of just three colors. The white text makes the motto or quote on the ad pop out. The company uses a black phone to make the gadget look glossy and stylish. The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge ad uses black lettering to make the phone stand out from the background. The phone is presented in the same was as the iPhone in the apple ad is. The Galaxy S7 Edge phone looks shiny with a professional tone radiating off. The Samsung Galaxy S5 advertisement however is more playful in nature. Samsung uses a geometric background and puts a fun, colorful, and bright design on the screen of the phone representing a quality display screen. All three ads try to make its product look like it 's for the upper class with the professionalism of the

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