Persuasive Essay On Physical Education

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A shocking study conducted by CDC researchers in 2012 found only half of all American students participated in physical education courses, and barely one third of all American youth participated in physical education throughout the school week (Eaton et al, para. 202). The sudden drop of physical education enrollment and participation correlates with a sudden rise of debilitating chronic diseases in every part of the American populace. Schools must increase enrollment and participation in physical education to reverse current rates and prevent future damage; however, simply promoting these aspects will fail to motivate individuals who need physical education the most. High schools should require physical education courses for all students to reduce health problems and provide other benefits. Physical education courses would reduce the amount of adolescents and adults suffering from metabolic syndrome and diabetes. Metabolic syndrome has become one of the most prevalent diseases among Americans. According to Rebekah Steele, Soren Brage, Kirsten Corder, Nicholas Wareham, and Ulf Elekund, physically inactive teenagers are more likely to develop metabolic syndrome compared to physically active teenagers; additionally, physically inactive teenagers are more likely to be physically inactive throughout their lifetime (2008, para. 4). If schools were to mandate physical education enrollment, the number of physically inactive teenagers would decrease. Therefore, the number of
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