Persuasive Essay On Physical Education

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Everyday across America kids and parents are slowly losing focus of being healthy. Todays kids eat the most processed sugar then ever before. While most of these kids do really have a clue about what they are putting in their body their parents do. Schools can’t force parents to feed their kid the most nutritious foods but, they can however implement a strong physical education program. Having a steady amount of physical activity each day will do wonders for kids down the road. The benefits are tremendous and can lower risk of diabetes, lower blood pressure, and lower chance of obesity.

In schools across the United States, physical education has been substantially reduced and in some cases completely eliminated in response to budget concerns and pressures to improve academic test scores. Yet the available evidence shows that children who are physically active and fit tend to perform better in the classroom, and that daily physical education does not adversely affect academic performance. Schools can provide outstanding learning environments while improving children’s health through physical education. Today, obesity is one of the most pressing health concerns for our children. More than one-third of children and teens, approximately 25 million kids, are overweight or obese—and physical inactivity is a leading contributor to the epidemic. The Surgeon General recommends children should engage in sixty minutes of moderate activity most days of the week, yet estimates show
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