Persuasive Essay On Physical Punishment

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Physical Punishment Do you think that people might think twice about spanking and physically punishing their children if it leads to your child resenting you, not being able to trust you, or even hurt the way that they function socially and mentally for the rest of their lives? Every day parents are spanking and physically punishing their children, not knowing how it will affect their kids down the road. Some parents may wonder why their child acts out aggressively at school, why they don’t do as well academically as other students, or maybe why they don’t feel comfortable or are scared to come to you when they have made a mistake? The children who are spanked and physically punished may have psychological damage and not function well academically or socially, the relationships between parent and child are compromised by causing lack of trust and fear is instilled instead of respect, and the spanking may start out as a simple way to discipline but can lead to abuse if done with anger rather than trying to make it a teaching moment. There is absolutely no reason that parents should be allowed to spank and physically punish their children to discipline. In this paper, I will argue and show parents how spanking and physically disciplining our children can have negative and detrimental consequences because it causes psychological damage, a lack of trust between child and parent, and when it is not done in the right mind set it can lead to more serious matters such as child

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