Persuasive Essay On Pit Bull Terriers

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A Pit-Bull Terrier, more like Pit-Bull Terror is a ferocious, fearful and fierce breed of dog that can cause harm towards your children, your pets or your family. Pit-Bulls are dangerous breeds of dogs and their population should be minimised to reduce the number of attacks and incidents.

In 2012 more than 2500 dog attacks occurred due to Pit-bull terriers, their dangerous traits and behaviours can cause torment and grief to families, if they are violent. Could you imagine your children, your friend, your niece, your grandson being killed by a Pit-bull? It’s unimaginable, no-one should experience these incidents, but people still do. We must reduce the amount of “Pit-bull Terrors”, to erase the ongoing attacks on our families and our pets. These attacks cause Australians to pay Hospital Bills and Charges.
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We are losing $1.56 Million dollars which could go towards Cancer Research or improving our beautiful Great Barrier Reef. Only, if we decreased the population of Pit-bulls, we could be saving our country and our people. But, Some Pit-bull may seem harmless, but you are wrongly mistaken.

Pit-bulls have been banned from importation into Australia. For more than 15 Years Pit-bulls have been a restricted breed. If they are banned from importation, why doesn’t the government just ban Pit-bulls in Australia? There is more than 4.2 Million household pets in Australia, 1% of them a pit-bulls, THAT IS 42,000 Pit-bull that may cause harm. We need to strengthen our rules on Pit-bulls in Australia, so we can eliminate the ever looming possibility of a Pit-bull attack. But, there is a population that don’t believe
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