Facts About Pitbulls

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They say pitbulls can be vicious but in reality it’s not the truth, they can be kind dogs it’s just how us people raise them any dog can be mean. Some people have trouble of taking care of dogs or mistreat them and not care for them anymore. On tv shows they speak about kids being eating or attack by pitbulls. In 2011 about 50% more than 6,000 dogs they took in were legal or illegal pitbulls, some showed that majority were used to fight. People talking about pitbulls being mean and being the worst dogs ever is getting out of hand to be honest. People are at fault not just the dog, you train your dog how to act not to be a killer or an vicious animal towards other people. Some owners of pitbulls are liable to tell you that it’s not the dogs…show more content…
Every dog in this world can be harmless to anyone or anything. From my experience i see all types of vicious and mean dogs in the streets. I once tried petting a lab and it tried attacking me for no reason i did no harm at all. One major myth is that pitbulls attack with a purpose. It’s not true. Its proven most likely not to attack others. Stats over a pit bulls are show that they have a tolerance of not getting aggressive when they are abused or mistreated. Eighty six point eight percent show that a golden retriever has more temporant than a pitbull. Most statistics are the truth, there is no false information put into it to make it real. Us people of today need to realize that we got to treat our dogs how we want to be treated and its the right way not treat them like trash and us different. Pit bulls owners should prove to everyone that pitbulls have heart, will do anything for you and even lay there life on the line for you. Another myth is that a pit has strong locking jaws that are aggressive which is not true either. It’s an everyday thing that people come up with excuses why a pitbull is a harm to others which not everyone knows why. Don’t believe everything you hear if you need to find out the truth do some hardcore research. Looking for facts on pitbulls is important. They can’t defend themselves because we all know that dogs can’t speak. Adults think that kids don’t belong around pitbulls with supposedly aggression that they have because they feel anything could happen. Pitbulls are lovely and loyal animals they are great with kids. The pitbull is basically a guardian. Not saying pitbulls are the best dogs but they can do no harm. They have instincts like every other animal trying to protect themselves and they react to it because they know what they are doing. Others that don’t own pit bulls shouldn’t talk down on them unless you have one or have had experience with
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