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There has recently been photos that have been shown of the mysterious planet of Pluto. By the looks of it, we should bundle up, bring our snowboarding gear, and fly off to Pluto and do some skiing and snowboarding! The New Horizons probe revealed these pictures to the public.


The New Horizon actually took these high definition photos of Pluto way back in their flyby in July. However, as NASA points out, due to the average transmitter and the vast separation to Earth the data takes a long time to get back to the Earth. NASA actually points out that all the information will not be back until 2016. This should only be the start as New Horizons should continue to reveal amazing photos of Pluto. However, the photos that were shown recently show a vast array of mountains and ice fields.
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He explains that these images demonstrate just how powerful their explorers are to be able to return this data to Earth. He then further went on to state his gratitude and excitement for what they are achieving. Grunsfeld explains how they are thrilled that New Horizons keeps sending them these images and that they are amazed at what they continue to see.


This is so cool for them to have taken these super clear images for the world to see just what Pluto is all about. Also, given that there is still more data that NASA says could be hear by next year, Pluto will continue to become less mysterious. Now, all the world has to do is figure out how to breathe on Pluto because it might be the number one location for skiing and

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