Persuasive Essay On Polar Bears

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t - Biological conservation essay - Ursidae Currently there are 8 species of bear, six of these eight species are, at the moment, listed as vulnerable with the Giant Panda only very recently being removed from the endangered animals list. Bears can be found in various places all over the world, some being found in specific countries or areas while others are more widespread. This range in homes means different habitats and behaviours but also different threats to their populations, though they may face different threats, many threats are universal across the globe and are most often caused by humans. Most of the bear species are directly vulnerable to threats such as habitat loss and hunting. One of the most well-known vulnerable bear species is the polar bear, these bears are found exclusively in the arctic across Alaska, Norway, Canada, Greenland and Russia. Polar bears are seen along the coasts and on islands, they are very often found out on the ice across the sea. These bears feed mostly on seals and so the ice is of huge importance out at sea, polar bears travel across this ice while looking for seals between the gaps and spaces. Polar bears are extremely strong swimmers and can travel kilometres in distance searching for suitable spots to try and feed, although they are strong swimmers they are not fast enough to keep up with seals…show more content…
The Asiatic black bears habitat is mainly forested land, particularly on hills and mountainous areas. These bears are omnivores and so they eat a range of foods from fruits and bees nests to insects and invertebrates but also small vertebrates such as birds and rodents along with fish, they also are known to eat
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