Persuasive Essay On Police Brutality

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Law enforcement is ensuring an act of obedience to the law. Police officers often take advantage of enforcing the law and end up using violence when it 's not necessary. According to the Washington post ( 2015 ) every 28 hours an unarmed colored person is killed by a police officer. I think it is time for these and other victims who were treated unjustly by police officers to get justice. These deadly law enforcement incidents must come to an end. By reading this you will be informed that etiquette police training and use of body cameras will majorly improve law enforcement incidents. But first we must get to know one of the many victims of police brutality Jessica Hernandez. Jessica Hernandez was a 17 year old hispanic teenager who was fatally shot by Denver police officers Daniel Greene and Gabriel Jordan. She was shot four times and two of those bullets went through the left side of her chest causing her death ( Gurman, 2015 ). Honestly four times is an excessive amount of times to shoot at someone.According to Balen ( 2015 ) It was said that she was driving a stolen car and her autopsy shows that she was under the influence of alcohol and marijuana. Officers Daniel Greene and Gabriel Jordan said that Jessica was driving towards them and then they began to shoot. If she was driving towards them then why didn 't they move out of the way? Was shooting at her the only solution there was to protect themselves. No matter the crime she was committing no one, and I mean
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