Persuasive Essay On Police Officers Training

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In recent years, there has been racial profiling and police brutality that has become a national conflict between individuals throughout the world. It is no big secret that racism still exists in our world today, but especially in the workforce. When you hold higher power than others, some will abuse their power. I think it is disgraceful that our black community is scared of individuals that are supposed to protect and serve us. But we must ask ourselves, are the white law enforcement officers afraid of us? There have been many events that have occurred with police officers using excessive force on African Americans that have resulted in cruel and senseless deaths. Police need to receive better training to help them deal with situations without…show more content…
I feel that every police officer performs the way they were trained to perform, and I think they should change some of their tactics so they don’t place reliance on excessive or lethal force. I also feel that every police officer needs to be retrained to revamp and refresh their memory no matter how long they have been on the force. The police officers should be given training where they are put in scenarios that might actually occur while they are on duty. In training they should teach them to show individuals respect. That will make the individual feel a little more comfortable and not be so hostile toward police officers. Better training will have the officers aware of what to do if they are put in a…show more content…
Officers should be sentenced like a regular individual and not get leeway because they are a police official. I feel that officers should have to suffer more consequences because they are held at a higher power. Police officers that use excessive force need to be fired and not suspended. It has been a numerous amount of officers that have gotten suspended rather than being fired after killing an unarmed individual. Stricter laws will show them that abusing their power will result in a consequence, and they won’t walk away scot

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