Persuasive Essay On Police Racism

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Are Police Racist On April 29, 2017 Jordan Edwards, unarmed, was leaving a house party that was getting “out of hand”. He was fatally shot and killed while in the car leaving with his brother and three other unarmed teenagers. Jordan was considered a great student and he was liked by many of his teachers and classmates. This is just one of the many times police officers have fatally shot someone that was unarmed and just happened to be black. Police racism is a very big problem in America. The killings of Eric Garner, Michael Brown, and Walter Scott are other examples of police racism and brutality as well. Reasons behind police racism and brutality are simple. People still have a certain way that they think about people of color. …show more content…

Pew Research Center found in a survey that was held, that fifty percent of white people that they talked to think that white people and black people are treated equally by the police, and, thirty eight percent of white people believe that there is no more racial work that needs to be done in our country, which is absolutely insane to me. Americans voted for and elected a president that claims there is no problem with police racism and brutality in America, but there is a problem with officers being targeted. To me personally it is extremely sad to read articles and see headlines on tv about police brutality and that our president sees nothing wrong with it, like many Americans. They don 't believe it exist when its clearly everywhere. I think many Americans think that there is a problem with the black person whom was killed by the police, rather than the officer who actually murdered the person. Many people, like myself, believe that police officers do not always get in trouble when situations like police racism or brutality happen. They do not think about getting in trouble because most of them literally don 't at all. When cops get caught for illegal actions they are just going to get in trouble by there own friends on the force, just to be put on paid leave. Not being caught is a big issue and is mainly why cops think that they can do whatever they want and completely get away with it. In many

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