Persuasive Essay On Poor Children

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Many people fall upon hard times, but being “impoverished” is a different story entirely. As a disclaimer, the author has never lived without struggling for money, but in no way has experienced true poverty. Unfortunately, for 21% of children in the United States as of 2017, poverty is both inescapable and seemingly insurmountable. However, a good education and determination can allow an impoverished child to flourish and grow into a successful adult. Anywhere from 21 to 43 percent of children in the United States live in poverty. This is in no way saying that these children are doomed. There are a few markers that indicate whether an impoverished child can become successful later in life: how long the children are impoverished, whether their parents have graduated high school, how frequently their families move, and where the children live. Children that have been poor for over half of their life, or “persistently poor”, are thirteen percent less likely to graduate high school and 37 percent less likely to be consistently employed as young adults. Children who are largely nomadic during their life are also at risk of failure. If an impoverished child moves three or more times for negative reasons (eviction, rent pricing, job-searching, etc.), then they are fifteen percent less likely to finish high school and 68 percent less likely to graduate from a four year college or university. The education system is heavily weighted in favor of those who are better off. Reforming
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