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What is the pornography? Is it a harmless hobby for some to enjoy in their personal lives? A sex aid to help spice up ones love life? Or is it a form of infidelity? According to statistics about 60% of men ages between 18 and 40 visit pornographic sites, browse through magazines, and watch adult porn movies. (I believe that the percentage is even higher. Perhaps, the numbers are influenced by geo-political factors.) Unfortunately, it’s very difficult to prevent pornography from falling into children’s hands. Very often, it is a lack of parental supervision. I am sure that most of the parents are not thrilled about the fact that they are partially responsible for their children being exposed to pornography. But the article is not about that.…show more content…
Not at all. It’s not a reason to break out one more Witch Hunt against pornography. Men watching porn movies from time to time, browsing through magazines with images of nude girls are all part of stimulating fantasy and sex-dreams. It’s a form of self-satisfaction, like masturbation. It’s one of characteristics peculiar to human sexuality. So when does pornography become a problem?This happens when pornography starts doing harm to your relationships. Some men become so enthralled in virtual sex that they begin to neglect their partners. That is a sure sign that it’s time to end their porn habit. For a majority of women the most offensive thing is when their partner try to keep their porn habits a secret. Many women associate such behavior with lies and betrayal. This may become a reason for relationships to break up. On the same note women should not be too harsh on their partners: for some men watching porn videos is the only way to avoid the temptation of real infidelity. The best solution is for you and your partner to openly discuss this problem and come to some form of understanding about one another’s needs. Many couples can learn to enjoy porn movies together. In fact porn videos have become a stimulating element in sexual lives of many couples. But if your partner keeps his avocation in secret, it may mean that he attaches more importance to it than is healthy. Try to analyze

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