Persuasive Essay On Poverty

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Without a doubt, poverty is and has been a growing devastation affecting “nearly 60 percent of Americans between the ages of 20 and 75” (Hirschl and Rank). It does not stop there at the U.S borders, however, for poverty’s fatal grip extends to every country around the planet. In an effort to eradicate this global disease, one Peter Singer, a utilitarian and bioethics professor, has proposed a quite intriguing idea: if every man, woman, and child were to abandon modern-century habits and donate all their non-essentials to those in need, poverty would ultimately be abolished. In other words, say goodbye to fancy sports cars and diamond jewelry, and say hello to possessing nothing more than the absolute basics of living a healthy and functional life. Singer argues that if we as a society adopted this way of living, we could potentially rid poverty from the face of the earth. This proposal seems ideal at first glance holding the power to dramatically better health care and living conditions of those struggling and thus generating a superior human race. Moreover, this proposition boasts the capacity to bring countries out of their destitute states and help them develop into modern and successful producers for the world. However, upon closer examination, this system can be proven to yield serious complications. For example, the promotion of an idol and un-American nation in the idea that there is no point of working harder if one cannot reap the benefits of purchasing indulgences.

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