Persuasive Essay On Poverty In America

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America has over the past decades tried to eradicate poverty through public supported programs. Some have been more successful in providing assistance to poorest among us than others. To fight poverty the focus must move to the middle class to make clear to that their interest has more in common to help raise up the poor than enriching themselves thus giving up power to the top 1%. To illustrate in 2014 roughly 15% of the population, 46.7 million human beings, lives below the poverty line. That is an increase from 11% in 2000 according to US Census Bureau data. First, any serious strategy to facilitate the economic growth of the US is obligated to include finding means to increase better paying jobs to aid both people without jobs and those working in low wage positions considered working poor. For example the Economic Policy Institute estimates that half of the jobs pay less than $34,000 a year. Hence it is not very hard to visualize families trying…show more content…
Without doubt it is vitally important to not allow the dismantling of the existing support structure that has been built over decades until a realistic, quantifiable and sustainable program emerges. To be sure that any programs blueprinted will do no more harm, on the contrary aiding the poorest of us to rise to better wage jobs and education, both vocational and collegiate. A way to make these changes happen is to target the middle class and their voting power. Show them that they have more in common economically with the 99% than the 1% who wield the power by controlling 1/3 of the wealth. With that power newly elected candidates for office will finally do serious work to improve the lives of the constituents they serve, both the middle and the poor. The election of Donald Trump shows that the public can tell the establishment to go pound sand
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