Persuasive Essay On Preschool Education

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We know the importance of early education in our life, but the reality is that as a nation we are not preparing enough to make sure it is available to the ones who need it the most. At the same time, there is an educational gap between the wealthiest and the poorest children is significant when children start elementary school. Children from low-income families are often a year or more behind started. It is a report that over half of African-American children and more that 60 percent of Latino children ages 3 to 4 are not able to attend preschool education. Low income children of all races do not have the opportunities to access early childhood programs which will affect their road of growth. Federal programs exist to address some of the early education needs, programs specific to toddlers remain underdeveloped and underfunded.…show more content…
This is not just an educational but an economic issue and as such, every segment of society should support. The government did not pay a lot attention on the preschool education and that make the preschool education confused, so the preschool education need more government support. Parents did not have an awareness to let their children to preschool education. Some parents strongly believe that it is not necessary to let their children attend the preschool education. The reason why is parents can also give children own teaching as much as possible or they think that the child is too young, and less on the early education but also not extremely clear about the age of the preschool education. However, teachers are more sensible to catch your children’s problems and they can help the student deal with the problems easier. Chaotic market in
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