Essay: The Benefits Of Legalizing Marijuana

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Marijuana is an illegal substance that should be legal because of the great impact it would do for the country. Other substance out in the world are far more dangerous and have more toxins in them than marijuana. People’s health has been helped out Marijuana has many factors such as, having less toxins than other substances, health benefits, and if legalized, would help the economy. Multiple people die everyday from drug overdoses. Drug Abuse of prescription drugs, is riskier than some illegal drugs(“The Truth about Prescription Drugs”). Drugs are not the only substances that are dangerous alcohol and tobacco are also dangerous, it has killed many people. “You just see life after life swallowed up by alcohol. You just see alcohol tear families …show more content…

Plus, the revenue that could be made in taxes would benefit each state individually along with the country as a whole. “Between the dollars that customers spend and the money business people invest in their crops and shops, pot is generating more wealth and activity than almost anything else on a pound-for-pound basis” (Pyke). Since Colorado legalized marijuana, it has created 18,005 full-time jobs and it added around $2.4 billion dollars to the state’s economy (Pyke). The United States need to take this in concentration and see that marijuana has helped Colorado out and could benefit many more states and the country itself. The United States have people without jobs, homeless, and are starving, and with marijuana being legal we could help them out and give them a job which will give them money to get food and shelter over their head. United States spend more money trying to keep illegal, but with all these benefits the United States needs to consider marijuana being legalizing marijuana. The United States and the people would be benefitted by marijuana being legalized. If marijuana was not legal the United States would still be the same it would not be affected. The United States are not in bad shape, we have work that needs to be done and if we legalized marijuana it just might help improve quicker and easier. Marijuana altogether

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