Persuasive Essay On Prescription Substance Abuse

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Why are prescription pills popular with children and teens? Many parents never even consider that their child may be sneaking into their medicine cabinet in order to abuse prescription medication or other common pill lying around a home. While the dangers of illegal narcotics are known to many, prescription pill abuse continues to grow and many are unsure of the long-term effects. This is why all parents should have a good understanding of exactly why children seek out these drugs and what corrective measures may be employed especially during a child’s most important formative years. Teen Drug AbuseThe body and mind of a human being are constantly developing during childhood and throughout the teenage years. Any outside substances that are…show more content…
What Parents Can DoThe most important thing for parents to remember is that action must be taken immediately, but the situation is often delicate. Parents may simply begin by removing all prescription medication, liquor, or any other products that may be abused, from their child’s reach. They should then speak with an addiction specialist to explore options to combat prescription pill abuse, and determine the next steps which may include detox, rehabilitation, counseling, or a combination of these services. If the children have been abusing prescription medication for a somewhat lengthy period of time, the withdrawal period can be quite difficult on them physically and mentally. These chemicals are extremely powerful and developing bodies can quickly become acclimatized to their use during the prescription pill addiction cycle. This means that once the chemicals are no longer ingested, the body will go into shock during the withdrawal stage. With a professional detox specialist by one’s side, a team of experts can ensure that the child is comfortable throughout this
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