Persuasive Essay On Primates

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Primates should not be entitled to basic civil rights due to the advantages that society reaps from animal testing. “Rights” and the understanding of imposed actions are a concept that can only be grasped by the human mind. Humans are the only species that can compose themselves with cogent and sensible thinking.. Giving basic human-rights to primates, including life, protection, freedom from torture, slavery, and freedom of movement, etc. is a ridiculous idea because they are unable to reciprocate these rights onto others, due of their lack in rational thought. We, as a society, are unable to teach primates to go against their natural instincts, you cannot, for example, teach an animal not to hunt for survival or kill for protection. Furthermore, the advantages gained from captivity of primates, for research and educational purposes, are extensive. If we were to give primates basic human rights, we would have to release them from confinement under all circumstance, including zoos, sanctuaries, and laboratories. Animal testing and research has lead to many great discoveries, including treatments for AIDs and cancer, it is a huge factor of how we got to be as advanced of a society as we are today. It is also crucial in regards to transplant surgery, cardiac surgery, and joint replacements- as well as vaccinations. Primates are very similar to humans, they are able to display basic emotions (i.e. sadness, joy, anger) and share much of the same DNA (i.e. Great Apes are made up of 97% of matching genes.) This makes them excellent candidates in researching products made for humans, including medicine and cosmetics. An animal’s

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