Benefits Of Living In Prison

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For a first time offender, being sentenced for years feels as if the world is crashing down on you. The feeling of dread at the separation from family, friends, and of being alone in a world with offenders creeps in. As you are led away, your spirit breaks. However, it is at this first step towards confinement when you need to adapt a positive attitude and keep your spirit up to survive. Keeping your spirit up may seem formidable. Nevertheless, the prime objective now is to survive at the Maryland Department of Correction for the duration of your sentence without any untoward incidence. You can survive if you observe and respect the culture inside, learn, and adjust. Maintain your sanity Consider prison as a state of mind. Conditions…show more content…
Experience changes man; your experiences inside the prison walls make you a different person from when you entered the correction walls. Your family and friends would have changed, as well. You need to deal with these changes and help your family and friends deal with your rejoining the community. Plan your reentry to society a few weeks before your scheduled release. Preparing will help you cope with the challenges you will face upon your release, such as, housing, employment, relationships, depression, and frustrations. • Search for community organizations and get involved in community programs and activities. This will help you reintegrate in your community and occupy your otherwise idle time at home. Involvement in community activities is a venue for you to practice talking with people and learning about your community. • Do not hesitate to ask your friends and community organizations for help in seeking employment. They can provide you with vital information with regards housing or point you to friendly companies who are not afraid to provide second chances to
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