Persuasive Essay On Privacy

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Everybody probably has something to hide from somebody. It can be something as simple as a secret crush or big such as cheating, regardless, it is private to the secret holder. Privacy should be respected and demanded. Many people believe that personal information is only available to themselves, when in fact, they are wrong. With a mouse click, information can be accessed in seconds. Others also believe they have done nothing wrong, so they have nothing to hide and it does not affect them at all. Internet privacy affects all users of the World Wide Web. In the past years, the evolution of the internet and social media has changed how we define privacy and molded American culture. Our privacy is at a risk and should be protected at all costs due to information that can be stored through dating websites, social media and techonology.

Is online dating a great way to find the love of your life? If you want to provide sensitive information about oneself then go ahead. Recently, to prevent sex offenders and criminals to establish a plan of action online, dating sites have been running background checks on the users. In 2012, many dating companies had signed an agreement to run these background checks, " These include companies checking subscribers against national sex offender registries and providing a rapid abuse reporting system for members" (Jayson 324).

Alongside with this, many users have testified about information that was requested from them. Rainey Reitman
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