Persuasive Essay On Privacy

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Back in 2014, a manager of a local bar hired a white man without doing any sort of a background check. This man ended up being a racist. The comments this man made to customers made the bar go out of business. People should get their social media pages checked before entering college or getting a job because it ensures safety, helps make people represent themselves better, and will help prevent the company from looking bad. People should get their social media pages checked to help ensure the safety of others. First, “The German authorities are investigating Google for having collected private Internet information while doing research for its Street View mapping service” (Jolly). However, if Google would have looked into the employee being investigated before the individual was hired; they could be avoiding this issue. The employee in question could have a record of stalking people. Next, the “Germany’s Nazi-era history has made the country extremely cautious on matters of individual privacy” (Jolly). Being cautious is not a bad thing. When people let their guards down that is when things go wrong. Lastly, “The German government is proposing legislation that would put restrictions on what Internet content employers could use when recruiting” (Boyd). They believe people should be aloud to share on social media as a sociable practice, and not be judged by the content found on their pages. However, if the employer or president of a college would like to maintain the safety of

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