Persuasive Essay On Pro Animal Testing

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Animal Ethics- Pro Animal Research There is a large number of people who would disagree with the statement that “Animal testing is very beneficial” but what these people don’t realize is that without animal testing we wouldn’t have all the medical advancements that we have today. Animal testing has made a huge impact on our daily lives and will affect our future to come. According to Alec Baldwin, “One cannot be ‘single issue’ when it comes to medical research.” Baldwin’s mother is apart of the Breast Cancer Research Fund, she stated that “This year, approximately 182,800 women in the United States will be diagnosed with invasive breast cancer, and approximately 40,800 women will die from breast cancer.” Without animal research there would have never been the development of multiple medications for breast cancer. These medications have saved the lives of thousands of men and women with breast cancer, including my Grandma’s whose life was extended a little extra time due to the medications that she was taking that was developed by animal testing. All mammals have the same organs- hearts, lungs, kidneys, etc-…show more content…
Many human diseases exist in other species also. Cancer, heart failure, asthma, rabies, etc. are natural diseases in many different animals and testing began with animals with cures, preventions, and treatments now available for animals and humans. The polio vaccine used in humans is still used in wild chimps today and was originally tested on primates before it was introduced to humans. The elimination of smallpox is possible because it was originally tested on animal. These are only a few that we contribute to the use of animal testing. How many people do you know personally, either by being related or acquainted with, and because medicines were available, had their pain relieved or severe illness cured or even a disease prevented like
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