Persuasive Essay On Pro Choice And Suicide

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. Would you want to be going cliff jumping or mountain climbing right now instead of not taking life-taking risks? Some people might say they want to go to either of those things. Those people could end up with an injury or even worse, death. People should know that they shouldn’t put themselves at risk. Some people who go cliff jumping or other life-taking activities just do it to take a picture, to say that they did something, or even to make rescuers come to them. Should we let people be rescued when they have done actions that put themselves at risk? People shouldn’t have the right to rescue services because it increases the chance of crashes, wastes money, and puts others at risk. People are increasing the chance of crashes or the chance of failures with systems when they have to be rescued. According to the news interview” Helicopter Rescues Increasing On Everest”, rescues on Mt. Everest by helicopters are growing. “You might see as many as four or five helicopters flights into Everest base camp every day,” says Nick Hail from the news interview. The helicopters on Everest are just a big problem because the air is so thin, so it is very hard to fly up in that altitude. In the news interview “Helicopter Rescues Increasing On Everest”, Nick Heil states “And the helicopters flies up to about 19,000…show more content…
In the news article “Ranger Killed During Rescue Of Climbers on Mt. Rainier”, a ranger was killed in trying to rescue climbers. This just is sad because if they wouldn’t have gone climbing in the first place the ranger wouldn’t have died. In the informational text “Why Everest”, it says “Not everyone manages to complete the climb, and some of these people pay with their lives. There have been over 230 deaths on this mountain.” This sentence just shows that people shouldn 't take life taking
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