Persuasive Essay On Pro Immigration

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Over the course of the last three decades the United States and allied countries have used increasingly aggressive methods of combating terrorism, yet in recent years hysteria has risen to a point where innocents are getting shot due to the color of their skin or the religion they believe in. The shooting just last month sparked unease in Kansas and across the globe after witnesses said the accused gunman had told the two victims to “get out of my country” before opening fire (Washington Post). With increased hostility among residents, the United States needs to ensure refuge within their country by helping citizens get a better understanding of the countries’ sound immigration screening process and why immigrants are essential to the wellbeing…show more content…
Even president Trump, an extremely influential figure, has come forward in saying he believes immigrants are taking jobs and money (Times). Many of those in support of Trump agree with his statement and believe lives of the ‘true’ nativists are being squandered. Additionally, there are also some fast held in stereotyping groups of people as ‘terrorists’ and outsiders who do not belong. Anti-minority groups believe the United States should be pure nativists with no diversity one soever. What these individuals fail to take into consideration is not even they themselves are true nativists. America was founded upon immigrants entering a New World so they have no right to try to ban others from entering the country or to commit hate crimes against them. Committing an attack against an innocent based on their culture or skin color is not ethical and the US needs to make sure citizens agree. While the problems that come along with immigration cannot be solved immediately, a sound solution must be looked upon. The United States must ensure their own citizens are well informed that it’s not acceptable to judge someone based on physical features and immediately coincide their face with a certain life threatening groups like ISIS. By broadcasting more beneficial information than what’s currently top stories on new sites, the US can make certain diversity won’t be looked down upon, but instead will be understood as a benefit to the
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