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Have you ever used a skin care product that was supposed to clear up acne and blemishes? How many of those products actually did what they said the product was supposed to do? Well, Proactiv is here to save the day! When it comes to acne or blemishes, Proactiv is your life saver. This commercial presented demonstrates several aspects that will appeal to its targeted audience and will display actual results. Within the two minute commercial it manages to use appeals based on logic, emotion and character. Proactiv is one of the top selling skin care lines that actually works, even celebrities like Katy Perry uses it. This proactiv commercial pinpoints a vague audience such as women, men, adults, and teenagers. Although, if you really pay attention it actually directs towards people with an acne/blemish problem. There are people in this world that are blessed with such flawless skin and do not have to deal with this issue. Proactiv wants to be a helping hand and steer their customers in the right direction to receive the same flawless look. You would think that if a celebrity has any of these acne troubles, they…show more content…
When it comes to the emotional appeal women stand out in this commercial, especially having Katy Perry as the face of Proactiv. It’s emotional especially for women to accept any acne on their face. The face is the whole image for a women, it can be a struggle all the time to cover those blemishes with makeup. Even when you have to perform in front of a crowd all you think about is if anyone is staring at that one acne bump. Everyone wants a natural, beautiful, bare face that is easy to go day to day with either wearing minimal to no makeup, allowing the skin the breathe. Of course, when watching this commercial and it showing the results Katy Perry had shortly after using Proactiv, you want to trust her and believe what she’s representing does

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