Persuasive Essay On Processed Food

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Processed food is a big problem in the U.S. Fast food; sugary drinks and candy are regularly considered as the motivating forces behind America 's obesity epidemic, an issue for many people in the U.S consuming processed food which results in an unhealthy lifestyle leading to obesity and other serious disease such as diabetes and heart disease. Processed food has become a bad habit in American diets, resulting in a major issue for many residents of all ages. “The prevalence of obesity among U.S. youth was 17.0% in 2011–2014. Overall, the prevalence of obesity among preschool-aged children (2–5 years) (8.9%) was lower than among school-aged children (6–11 years) (17.5%) and adolescents (12–19 years) (20.5%)” (Ogden). Even though, many people try to incorporate healthy diet choices in their lives, there are still many who are eating unhealthy food in big proportions.
This topic of Obesity in children is has been a concern to me my entire life, since I have close relatives dealing with this issue. It is clear to me that parents always play a good role in the eating habits of their children. I know many parents in the US have a very busy lifestyle and maybe cannot provide the proper eating education to their children, but it’s very important to set good eating habits to your kids at a very early stage to prevent mayor eating disorder and avoid
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Sugary drinks and junk foods are a major contributor to the American daily calorie intake and the uncontrolled use of these substances can lead directly to obesity. Action like this, I think will help with the situation, but will not eradicate the problem, more severe action has to be taken, that is where good eating habits, exercise and education will come handy to alleviate the
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