Persuasive Essay On Professional Ethics

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About three and a half short months ago I was on the search for “easy” electives to do, which was my main goal at that time. I was coming off of a 3-month long vacation and my academic goals were on an all-time low. I said to myself,” just find some easy courses so you can get an A, graduate and get as far away from U.W.I as possible.” I did my research found several courses and I stumbled upon one in particular which I went on to pursue, yes MGMT 3065 Professional Ethics. I heard through the grape vine that Professional Ethics was “easy” however, I was not convinced. Several days following my discovery I asked around hoping to find someone who previously took the course so I could get a bit more insight into what the course really entailed, but let’s be honest I really just wanted assurance that the course was in fact “easy”. I found a few acquaintances on my Facebook friends list who took the course and I immediately began to question them. All three of them described the course in such a different way a way that I had never heard anyone describe a course in U.W.I like that before, it took me by surprise. Unexpectedly, they all had a similar experience, a positive one, a life changing one full of self-growth. Although I was intrigued I still had my doubts as to how in the world a U.W.I course could have that effect on a person, to me that was unheard of. Coincidently, I was on what was a year long journey at that time of self-positivity and awareness. This course sounded
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