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Prom makeup ideas For the makeup to be the most beautiful and the most natural possible, It takes a beautiful skin!. What I suggest is to do an exfoliant 2 days before the prom date to have a smooth and radiant complexion and to put moisturizer every day for at least 1 week. (if you do not already in Your routine) So, your skin will be at its best!. No time for such preparation? The masks and beauty bulbs will be your best allies on D-Day. Let them act about 15 min. And tadam! Your skin will be awakened, your face illuminated. Makeup Colors It is far behind us the time when it was absolutely necessary to arrange the colors of his prom makeup to those of his dress!. The important thing, in my opinion, is to harmonize the whole. Stay in…show more content…
You have to be wary of the flash! It tends to wash out the colors. Your face may look pale and the colors of iridescent eyeshadows may go badly in the photo. Some precautions are necessary. Do not use the famous White HD powder from makeup forever. She sees with a flash and it 's not pretty, believe me ...! Same for all creams and foundations with SPF. Be careful, they can make the flash bounce, make you look whiter. In short, do not be afraid of the blush, the intensity is weakened in the picture so it is O.K. to put a little more that day! Finally, 2 last tips False eyelashes in prom makeup can add a touch of "wow" to your eyes but if you have never worn it, it can be uncomfortable. Think about dragging the glue tube in case of "take-off". Also, as it may get hot (although June is not very clement this year: s), consider using a base under your eyeshadow and one for the face under your foundation. So, your makeup will hold all evening! Sun or…show more content…
On the other hand, exposing yourself to the sun or UV lamps repeatedly to hope to have the darkest complexion possible is a bad idea. You may just catch a sunburn (or neon!). And believe me, it 's not very attractive the lobster look at the prom. Pay attention to your skin and do not do anything excessive. Self-tanning level if you are used, o.k., why not?. If this is your first time I recommend you spend your turn that day because the slightest streak or forgetting all over the body will show. And you can not do anything to fix it in time, unfortunately. Small Buttons ... People often have small pimples in the back. I call it the "back-born". These are simply acne pimples that may be present in the face as elsewhere on the body. Sometimes with a naked dress, you may want to hide them from being more elegant. It is possible to hide them well with a concealer of the right color and a loose powder. But in your place, if I had a white dress Would avoid! prom makeup ideas Recreate a red carpet look for a moment as important as the ball, this may seem impossible! Do not panic! With this tutorial for a classic as well as sparkly evening makeup, you will have a great view! Here 's how to make a glamorous makeup that harmonizes with all the colors of dresses! It begins by applying a light and malignant foundation. This avoids having the

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