Persuasive Essay On Prom Makeup Ideas

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Prom makeup ideas For the makeup to be the most beautiful and the most natural possible, It takes a beautiful skin!. What I suggest is to do an exfoliant 2 days before the prom date to have a smooth and radiant complexion and to put moisturizer every day for at least 1 week. (if you do not already in Your routine) So, your skin will be at its best!. No time for such preparation? The masks and beauty bulbs will be your best allies on D-Day. Let them act about 15 min. And tadam! Your skin will be awakened, your face illuminated. Makeup Colors It is far behind us the time when it was absolutely necessary to arrange the colors of his prom makeup to those of his dress!. The important thing, in my opinion, is to harmonize the whole. Stay in the same color categories (warm/cold) and do not forget that the neutral tones (gold, silver, black, ...) go with everything. For a purple dress, for example, you could use cold pink, blue, lilac or neutral tones on the eyes. Watch out the flash! Of course, you will take pictures that evening, mostly with a flash. You have to be wary of the flash! It tends to wash out the colors. Your face may look pale and the colors of iridescent eyeshadows may go badly in the photo. Some precautions are necessary. Do not use the famous White HD powder from makeup forever. She sees with a flash and it 's not pretty, believe me ...! Same for all creams and foundations with SPF. Be careful, they can make the flash bounce, make you look whiter. In

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