Persuasive Essay On Prostate Cancer

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Cancer is an uncontrollable disease within the body killing tons of people each day. Prostate cancer on the other hand is within the prostate gland. It is a small, walnut-sized structure making up a man’s reproductive system. Prostate cancer is mainly profound in men. Is there a real cure for this cancer that doesn’t result in death? There is a possibility of surgery, therapy, a vaccine treatment, or simply waiting a while to see what will happen. Through this visual men are made aware of the importance of the annual check-up to avoid prostate cancer.
Prostate cancer is a cancer that begins in your body when normal cells start to grow out of control. It is profound to be common in African American men than any other race. If you have had a father or brother whom has had the cancer then you are more like to get it too, especially if they were under the age of 65. Taking in the news that a doctor has given you saying you have prostate cancer can feel overwhelming. Once prostate cancer is diagnosed and stage, you can then move on to treatment plan.
The exact cause of prostate cancer is unknown. Aging is the biggest risk factor for prostate cancer. For prostate cancer to be found your doctor may feel for any unusual lumps or growths on the prostate; or they may decide to order a blood test. The blood test measures the level of prostate-specific antigen (PSA), a protein that is produced by the prostate (Department of Health). If something is found, more tests will be needed and

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