Legalize Prostitution

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Over one million women in the United States earn their living by full-time prostitution. For hundreds of years, prostitution has been practiced across the country and across the world. However, to this day to this day, it is considered an illegal act of taboo in many places. In places that forbid such acts, women who sell their assets for money and men who give them the money are seen as “criminals” in the eyes of the government. Authorities there go as far as reprimanding these individuals with the idea that their criminalization will improve societal life and better the community. Although it can be argued that prostitution can be a degrading and dangerous form of work, legalizing it would reduce much of the violence in the community, including…show more content…
This type of work has been able to date back to Ancient Egypt making it one of the oldest professions known to man that is still in order today (Fanni). It has also been noted that a mention of prostitution can be found in the Bible. With this form of work being so prevalent in the world it is sometimes hard to believe that it is an unaccepted and morally wrong way of life. When the term prostitution is brought up, the true definition is often blinded by views of abolitionists labeling it as a gateway for human trafficking, abuse, and immoral behavior. However, much of these issues are often brought about by the illegalizing nature of the act. The criminalization of prostitution does not help to reduce the likely hood of it happening – it only pushes crimes such as underage prostitution and human trafficking further underground making it easier for individuals, such as pimps, to have more control over prostitute…show more content…
One aspect of violence that will decrease is the violence of community destruction. The criminalization of prostitution often causes a spin-off of local crimes related to the work. Theses secondary crimes are often a result of people who “flaunt disregard to the law” (Brents and Hausbeck 274) while the attention is being focused on prostitution. These crimes can span from rape, to the war on drugs, and also domestic violence. These crimes can affect the sex worker in different ways. For example if a pimp wants to take advantage of a prostitute he can easily put her under the influence of drugs and which may lead to her being raped or abused. If the decriminalization of prostitution were put in place, workers will find it easier to be protected against such scenarios with less fear of reporting such
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