Persuasive Essay On Prostitution

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There are forty million prostitutes in the world; 2.5 million are trafficking victims. 80% of these prostitutes have been raped. Only twenty-two countries legalize and regulate prostitution (Emery). Prostitution is one of the world’s most controversial topics. Many people firmly believe it should be eliminated while others strongly support prostitution. “Prostitution has been considered immortal, outlawed and tersely punished in most cultures, including America, and yet it persists and thrives” (Alexandre 110). Prostitutes, also known as sex workers, often suffer from rape, abuse, trafficking, among others horrible acts. Sometimes the victims are society itself. However, others see sex work directly to work (“A personal choice”). “The major question concerning policy is what the overall goal is? Is it better for society to make prostitution illegal in all circumstances? Legalize prostitution subject to regulation? If the demand for prostitution is present, there will always be supply” (Hafer). The factors that make prostitution such a controversial topic will be discussed and suggestions from different governments of how to address this subject.
Throughout it is the entire history, it has been banned, prohibited, embraced or regulated due to multiple reasons (Heads). Some of those reasons are for the protection of the general public and the interests of the state itself. Nevertheless, none focuses their attention in the prostitutes themselves. All around the world

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