Persuasive Essay On Public Breastfeeding

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Public breastfeeding, whether covered or uncovered should be universally accepted because the babies right to nurse is more important than your non-existent right to not see a baby nursing, many people today incorrectly view breasts as sexual objects, the world needs to know that breastfeeding is normal, natural and nothing to hide under a cover, a mother and child should not be isolated or uncomfortable, and a baby needs to nurse when the baby is hungry.
Pediatrician’s advice up to six months of breastfeeding if not six years. You can breastfeed your baby, however long you want to and whenever. If you are a mother, you can keep your child from starving. Your child needs to be brought to the breast before they actually show signs of hunger
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Breasts can be sexual. Yes, the breast can be sexual but if you are feeding your baby in public then people should not worry about it, a mother that is feeding her baby who is hungry should not have to worry about other people shaming her for what she is doing what is best for her child, a mother should be comfortable wherever she is and whenever. Why stare at her and make her uncomfortable? The Oklahoma State Department of Health states that Oklahoma mothers have the right to breastfeed anywhere they have a right to be, and shall be excused from jury duty if upon request. (Roseanne Smith) Breastfeeding past one year is unnecessary and gross. A mother can breastfeed for how long she wants to or when the child does not want it anymore, the child can wean themselves off. Extensive breastfeeding is necessary and important, never gross. Lauren Lewis stated that “Breastfeeding is natural, it is amazing, and it is hard. Why make it more difficult for mothers struggling by ostracizing them, when all they want to do is feed their baby. The more mothers who nurse, who talk about it openly, who nurse freely, the more new struggling mothers will feel that bond of sisterhood, and motherhood.”
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