Persuasive Essay On Public Education

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The Public Education System is used to prepare students for an adult life. When you are a few years old you’re enrolled in preschool where they teach you basic math, the alphabet, and shapes. After that you move on to elementary school where you build upon what you learned in preschool. Elementary is usually the first level of school in which students receive their first form of standardized testing. Once those tests are complete students move on to middle where the process repeats, and then high school ensues. When you turn 18 your goals are most likely to finish high school and start college. As adults you learn the responsibilities of paying bills, paying taxes, and getting closer to your dream career. As children are trained to be adults we should be teaching them things they will find useful in life. Therefore, I believe that as a society we should…show more content…
Government assistance to some people is a way to receive money from the government while they sit back an relax. To others it is considered a benefit while they search for a new job or whie they cannot work. Mmistakes happen, accidents happen, and I can understand the need for government assistance, As an adult that grew up in a single parent home where my mom worked for minimum wage I learned that life isn’t easy and that I need to be prepared for adulthood. I witnessed my mom struggle for years to make ends meet. I can’t speak for any other individual, but for me seeing my mom struggle was a wakeup call. It was a message that I needed to be better, I needed to be prepared to be a part of society, and I needed to be able to live on my own and support myself. In public education these are not things you learn. You learn that y=mx + b and whatever teachers feel like teaching you in English. If we are going to send our kids to school for these long hours out of the week they need to learn more than math and
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