Public Transportation Disadvantages

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Most people don’t live at their jobs, and only a lucky few can walk there. For the rest of the world’s employed or enterprising population, a bit of help is required to get to one’s workplace. Public transportation is a great option if you live in the metro, but if you’re commuting from outside the city, you’re probably driving yourself to work.

Well, the reality is that we are all still extremely dependent on fossil fuels to run our transport vehicles, and almost everything about fossil fuels is bad—from the grave environmental and ethical impact of the way these fuels are produced and consumed, the effects their byproducts have on our health, down to the fact that it is a non-renewable, unsustainable resource.

That said, if commuting is something we want to keep doing for generations to
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Going by train or bus might result in a slightly longer ride, but you don’t have to drive, it’s much safer than taking your own car, and it’s better for yourself and the environment.

Plus, taking public transportation lets you avoid all the hassles that come with driving your car everywhere you need to go everyday, like having to find and pay for parking, spend for fuel and vehicle maintenance, or deal with mean drivers in traffic.

If the bus or train lines are not easily accessible for some reason, you can join a carpool, preferably with people who drive well. Carpooling has some of the same benefits of public transportation. You’ll save money, you won’t have to drive every day, and fewer cars on the road translates to safer driving conditions, fewer traffic jams, and more parking spaces for those who need them.

With more people taking public transportation and opting for carpooling, not only will fewer people have to drive, but the ones who do will also spend less time running their cars, and the stress of driving will be reduced for everybody involved. Just imagine a world without road
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