Persuasive Essay On Race In The Hobbit

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Race in The Hobbit
Racial difference has had an enormous impact on society for centuries. Race is one way that humans use to define and categorize other people, but the basis of it can be used on creatures with human attributes. One result of race in humanity is harsh judgments towards differences in nationality, drawing a line between cultures. Although the idea of equality for all people is more common now, it can be argued that society is still affected just as much by race now as it was a hundred years ago. Race has similar influence in J.R.R. Tolkien’s book The Hobbit which features a variety of different creatures and beliefs. Although the book features many different races, the majority of characters from the same race all act the same
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Back then perspectives were very different, so the response to J.R.R. Tolkien’s book back then would have been very different in comparison to it were to be released tomorrow. If The Hobbit was released today, written the exact same way, it would get a lot more hate and judgement to have whole races categorized as the bad guys. Tolkien’s book does not include enough diversity in personalities within any race to get by in today’s sensitive and judgemental society. Another controversial segment in the book was the physical and mental separation between all the different creatures. The typical creature in the book would live with their race days away from any other races, isolated to their own kind. In today’s time, Tolkien would be forced to alter his writing, making it more open to breaking barriers in terms of society and the standard way whatever character would act. Although Bilbo acts against what Hobbits as a whole believe in, actions like that are rarely seen throughout the story. He would also need to show more connections between races than before, as creatures of different races meet rarely. One thing Tolkien would not find necessary to change would be the amount you can relate to the book. The situations Bilbo finds himself in are still relatable enough to keep readers interested and
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