Persuasive Essay On Racecar Driving

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Let’s face it. Going really fast in your car can be an enjoyable experience and racing your friends can be even more fun. Unfortunately, you are not a professional racecar driver, and you do not have the opportunity to drive on the German Autobahn, where sections of the road have not speed limit. This means you probably do not get many opportunities to legally go whatever speed you want. You might be wondering, “Where can I legally speed or race?” Luckily, there are places in the United States where even an amateur driver can legally speed.

Sonoma Raceway- Sonoma, California

After taking a course conducted by professional drivers and getting some driving pointers, those who take a class through the Simraceway Performance Driving Center are let
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Classes run from one to four days, depending upon the course. Although there are several classes, the signature course is the Forza Motorsport Grand Prix Road Racing course. While drivers have a ride along passenger to coach them in the beginning, they later get the opportunity to take a racecar around the track on their own, with no speed limit. Plus, at the completion of the course, you can obtain your SCCA (Sports Car Club of America) Regional race license, allowing you to compete in real races.

Qualcomm Stadium- San Diego, California

If you are looking for something a little less expensive than going to racecar driving school, another great place to race is Qualcomm Stadium. Their Friday night RaceLegal events allow you the opportunity to enjoy street racing in a much safer environment than on the road. It is an event that is great no matter your racing experience. You might even find yourself coming back for more races. Races take place most Fridays from January through April. Prizes are even given to the top performers in a wide range of categories.

Aspen Motorsports Park- Woody Creek,
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