Narrative Essay About Kart Racing

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The joke goes: “Racing: because basketball, soccer and baseball only needs one ball.” My racing buddies and I would always drown ourselves in laughter after listening to this old joke. It is a old quote that has become a tradition at my kart racing track. However, behind my mask of laughter and smiles, I actually take this quote more seriously than most do as I believe that the saying is true. Racing is a very dangerous sport and the quote often evokes a nerve wracking feeling as I remind myself of the illogical thing that I do: risking my life for a passion. I am a passionate, thrill seeking and ambitious individual with the undying will to win in anything that I do. I race go karts, not the ones that you find near shopping malls and those…show more content…
Eventually I came to a conclusion that there is just something so exhilarating about escaping the grasp of the tight corner or the tiny gap between a competitor’s kart and the edge of the track at top speed with inches left to spare from death. An inch too deep and you might never be seen again while an inch too wide will set you to end up like that one little fish that has been left behind its school. I soon realized that the closer I am to death, the more alive I feel. Racing brings forth the thrill seeking and competitive identity that is in me. Often, out of the track, I exhibit this competitive willpower within me in my daily activities. Be it in academics, video games and sports, I always exhibit my competitive nature and my will to win. As a result, people usually view me as awkward or antisocial as I always try to edge myself ahead of others, and always do things very competitively. Even in casual talks and chat, I always think and talk about ambitious things. Sometimes, I go too far, and people get annoyed with it. Despite all this, I still find it hard to wear a mask and act casual, that is just not who I am. I am a person who needs to do the extra mile, always striving for greatness in everything that I do and I simply cannot change that identity that has been carved within
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