Persuasive Essay On Racism In Society

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Racism has always been and will remain and is still a topic that raises major debates and discussions. The issue of racism in society is often discussed with respect to a wide range of issues such as sports, workplace, politics, school and so on. Most people do not realize how much racism goes on in our daily life and if they do realize it they do not care enough to do anything about it. In a world with different skin, hair, noses, and just appearance in general, Racism is a big part of our everyday life. Racism can come in any shape or form. People in every ethnic background make racist statements about each other all the time, such as blacks to white and Hispanics to blacks, and so on and so forth. African-Americans however do have a much higher chance of something happening to them than the average Caucasian with racism. People of color and ethnic background have a 70% chance of getting arrested while on the other other hand a Caucasian could get pulled over for the same thing and they would get away free with no charges. Effects of racism against ethnic groups can cause many social and political conflict. In some scenarios actions have even brought the ethnic groups to be paid lower than others of different cultures because of their religion, appearance and or nationalities. They are even put to do higher risk jobs because no one else will do them. For example Immigrants that pass through a process to get to the United States for a better life. Immigrants have to work
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