Persuasive Essay On Racism In Sports

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Racism in team names such as the Cleveland Indians and the Washington Redskins causes a lot of controversy because of the meaning of the name because it obscures the reality of Native Americans experiences, traditions, and place in U.S. history. Some people think that this isn’t really a problem but others want the teams to change their names because of how much they are bothered by it. I do not think teams should have to change their names because if the NFL or NBA doesn’t see a problem with the names then there probably isn’t a problem with it. People are probably over reacting over this thing.

Racism in sports occurs because the teams don't think that the team name is a problem so they just use the name. This causes people to get upset over it and try to get the team to change the name. “The use of racially derogatory or discriminatory school or
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“It’s just a time to get people thinking about putting an end to outward hatred and using sports as a tool to focus on racism,” Marshall McKay, chairman of the Yocha Dehe Wintun tribal council, told the Washington Post. There have been many more teams in the history of sports that have used team names that were offensive to native Americans. Most of those teams however keep their names because they don’t want to change the name

Racism in sports is because of the racist term in the team names all around the United States. People have problems with this and some people don’t mind it. Some states such as California have already banned schools from using the term redskins and it is the first state to do so. Teams usually won’t change their name unless they are forced to do so and most of the time they are allowed to keep it. This isn’t just in team names, this can also be because of team logos.
This is a problem that has grown exponentially around the United States and it’s costing teams lots of money to change their
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