Reflective Essay On Vertical Layers Of Color

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Are you ready for something amazing? Are you ready to be admired wherever you go and envied for your singular style? Are you brave enough to experiment with bold colors? Then you simply have to have rainbow hair – the hottest look around! Once upon a time, there was little variety of hair colors and most products were designed to shade the hair in natural hues. Now the choice of pigments is incredible – in fact only limited by your own imagination! So are you ready to be encouraged? Let’s open the paint box and check out rainbow inspired styles. # 1 Vertical Stripes In ombres and other multihued hair styles we are so used to seeing horizontal layers of color but how about what about vertical lines? Here we see a stunning example of just…show more content…
Her hair begins in a light chardonnay blonde and just on the shoulder it has been infused with canary yellow. The spiraled tips are a range of hues including orange, puce and a little green. # 14 Multicolor Mirage When we think of rainbows this is what we see. True colors have been used to create this spectacular multicolor hair artwork. The roots are a vibrant red which gives way to sunset shades of orange and yellow. A thin band of summer green leads into the final shades of deep electric blues and purples. # 15 Link Broken # 16 Sparkling Spectrum So you want rainbow hair but not in horizontal or vertical lines? Then here is a style for you. In this look, numerous foils have been used to create a sea of luminous colors including highlighter yellow and coral red. The hairstyle contributes to this punk style with its choppy shape and scissor cuts. # 17 Light Up Your Life These fantastic hues look just like the waves of colors we see in soap bubbles, giving it a true fantasy feeling. These rich shades have been blended together so well that they flow uninterrupted into one another. This is easy to see especially in the first transition between hot pink, purple, and sky

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