The Benefits Of Raising Minimum Wage

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$15 an hour sounds great to almost everybody, but most people don’t realize that if we all made $15 an hour it wouldn’t be as great as it sounds.The federal minimum wage should not be raised and should be kept at $7.25 because its negative effects on people 's income, inflation of prices due to a domino effect and the loss of jobs in mass numbers. There is no reason to raise the minimum wage in the first place, one of the claims I have heard from you is the ”reduction of poverty.” The problem with this claim is that the majority of poor Americans do not work at all, for any wage, so raising the minimum wage does not help them. It is like giving extra milk to a lactose intolerant person, it has no effects and only takes milk away from the rest…show more content…
The man walked out of the store into the pouring rain with only a cookie and a small water to fuel his day. The inflationary effect of raising the minimum wage is essentially a tax on everyone who already makes more than the minimum wage. If the minimum wage is raised people who make more than minimum wage will have to pay for those costs, in the form of taxation. A $15 minimum wage sounds great for people who don’t make much, but cash that goes into one pocket must come out of another. Business owners with lots of minimum-wage employees would undeniably see their costs skyrocket. Maybe they 'll compensate by raising the prices at the fast-food restaurant they own, which would hurt many poor and middle-class families who would ultimately pay higher prices at these restaurants. There is no free lunch — the money to pay for a big wage…show more content…
I ask that you consider to look over your research and claims, and rethink what you have been desperately advertising for a long time. It will not go as well as you think, please don’t overlook the negative effects of your

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