Persuasive Essay On Raising Minimum Wage

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$15 an hour sounds great to almost everybody, but most people don’t realize that if we all made $15 an hour it wouldn’t be as great as it sounds.The federal minimum wage should not be raised and should be kept at $7.25 because its negative effects on people 's income, inflation of prices due to a domino effect and the loss of jobs in mass numbers. There is no reason to raise the minimum wage in the first place, one of the claims I have heard from you is the ”reduction of poverty.” The problem with this claim is that the majority of poor Americans do not work at all, for any wage, so raising the minimum wage does not help them. It is like giving extra milk to a lactose intolerant person, it has no effects and only takes milk away from the rest of the family. Let 's use seattle as a real life example, Seattle, WA has a minimum wage of $15. The negative effects hit Seattle hard. A man in Seattle was walking down the street on his way home from work. Now it’s Seattle so it wouldn’t be a proper story if it weren’t raining. It starts pouring rain so the man runs into a subway, right off the bat he smells the delicious variety of breads, meat and cheeses and begins to fantasize the savoury flavors. So he decides to make the executive decision to buy a sandwich, it just so happens that he only has $5 and a couple quarters from the vending machine at work. Suddenly, he remembers he is at subway; he starts to sing in his head “Five. Five dollar. Five dollar footlong.” The joy reaches

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