Persuasive Essay On Raising The Driver's Age

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Raising the Age
The current age for teens to obtain a license is fifteen years old which allows them the privilege to drive in the state of Florida. There are many people who think the age limit to obtain a driver’s license should be raised while others differ in opinion. There are many factors that need to be taken into consideration when deciding the age to obtain a driver’s license. Although teens should be allowed to become independent individuals, it is necessary for Florida legislatures to raise the age minimum to eighteen because fifteen year olds are not legally responsible for themselves and they’re easily distracted.
First of all, most teenagers have after school activities or maybe even work, so the independence a car affords him or her makes life easier for the parents. He or she may have basketball or cheerleading practice at the same time their parents have to go work. Fifteen is the age when most
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By the age of fifteen a lot is going on in their lives where the parents won’t be able to be there all the time, in addition to being responsible enough to drive is easier for everyone. Also, their minds are still in the developmental stages which makes some of their decisions irrational; therefore, being the cause of accidents they are involved in. Now that cellphones are a big distraction for teen drivers and a major cause of accidents, strict rules should be set for them while driving any vehicle. Maturity, responsibility, and experience are what should determine if a teen should have his or her driver’s license, and these key essentials are what most teens lack at the age of fifteen. Nevertheless, the age should be raised for teens to obtain a driver’s
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