Persuasive Essay On Raising The Driving Age To 18

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Reform has been at the epicenter of society for years. Humans are far from perfect, and we must work to improve upon our mistakes through change. One blunder that hangs over our heads is the legal driving age of sixteen, and it is imperative that this wrong be righted. As it stands right now, anyone at the age of sixteen can drive a car, granted that they have supervision. But this measly protection pales in comparison with the bigger picture. After all, it will only add to the total loss of life from the various errors performed by sixteen-year-old kids. It is unseemingly to keep something that has time and time proved itself to be appalling. It is for this reason that eighteen should be the age at which adolescents are given cars. The legal driving age should be raised to eighteen because it will keep the streets safer, drivers will be more mature, and it is foolish to oppose this indubitable truth. For one, raising the legal driving age to eighteen would keep the streets safer. The streets will no longer fall suspect to risk due to the fact that…show more content…
Reforms touchest the farthest of places, yet it has not reached cars. It is time that reform makes its way into the automobile industry. After all, this change must be made to keep the streets safer, a pressing area of concern for people. It does this through eliminating desires and only placing those on the streets with a need to be on the streets. Also, people with eighteen years of learning under their belt are infinitely wiser than those who lack the additional two years. These two years have repeatedly proved to stand in juxtaposition to the other stages of life, they are far from stagnant. It is senseless to argue with this unequivocal truth, and those who do are simply fooling themselves. With the way the world progresses, changes must constantly be made. And there is one path that is closely intertwined with positive results -- raising the legal driving age to
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