Persuasive Essay On Raising The Driving Age

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For many sixteen year olds, getting a driver's license is like a rite of passage. It’s one of the most important milestones on a teen’s path to adulthood. It gives teenagers a sense of responsibility, higher maturity, and makes them self reliant. Taking that opportunity away from every teenager because of a select few of their peers is unfair, and is like taking away a teenagers opportunity to mature and become independent. Driving isn’t a matter of age; it’s a matter of maturity and education.

Despite the popular belief, age has nothing to do with the large amount of teenage driving fatalities. It’s due to a lack of experience. Instead of a blanket measure like raising the driving age, there are other steps that could be taken to make the
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If the driving age is raised, teens can be better experienced when they finally get their license. Usually, the causes of those accidents are from distracted driving, and teenagers are more likely to be distracted. Raising the driving age would give teens more time to evaluate themselves. Teens can also still get around without their license. Even though it would be more time consuming, there are plenty of transportation options available, such as a bus, a taxi, or a ride from a friend. All of these options have little cost, if any, and they’re safer than letting inexperienced children drive. Raising the driving age would simply contribute to making the roads a safer place.

Driving is a privilege that many teens look forward to and enjoy. The freedom of having a license gives teenagers a sense of maturity and independence. Irresponsible driving is not a matter of age, but a matter of making sure new drivers are educated. Instead of taking away an opportunity for teens, they should be better educated so they can fully understand the risk they pose to others on the road, and therefore, choose to be safe and responsible
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